Personal Taxes

At Leonard G. Lesslie, P. A., people find our very personal service refreshing. Our goal is to be your local tax professional and year-round tax advisor. We specialize in providing up-to-date tax information for individuals, families, homeowners and small business owners.

Tax Preparation

Services for new tax customers include:

  • Complete review of your tax documents and related paperwork
  • Advice on filing and which tax forms are required
  • Federal income tax Form 1040
  • Federal tax schedules as required
  • State income tax Form SC1040
  • State tax schedules as required
  • Multiple state income tax forms
  • Available review of prior 3 years of tax returns (I find an average of $1521 in extra refund money)

Services for current tax customers include:

  • Tax organizers to help pull all your relevant information together
  • Pre-scheduled appointments to review and finalize your forms
  • New tax law information and advice
  • Tax planning service to minimize future tax liability

Personal tax services are provided based on your needs and desire. Select the services that best position you for success.

Contact us today to explore which services best meet your needs.